Our Mission

Growing Deeper, Walking Closer, Reaching Farther


Because of the Gospel we are committed to... diving into the Bible regularly (Psalm 19:7-8119:18), growing in humility together (1Peter 5:5) and making the Gospel more visible in our world (John 13:35).

Walking Closer with God

Knowledge of God

The Attributes of God - Session 3 Highlights

II. The Communicable Attributes 1. truthfulness Definition -...

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Omnipotence 2

The Attributes of God - Session 4 Highlights

4. Omnipotence Definition: God is able to do all His holy will. God exercises complete power over His creation and rules as sovereign. (Jer. 32:17; Matt. 19:26; Luke 1:37) Applied to Creation (John 1:3; Rom....

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The Attributes of God - Session 2 Highlights

Here are some highlights and quotations from The Attributes of God, session 2: 6. Eternality Definition: God has always existed, having no beginning and no end, and is not subject to the limitations of time,...

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Upcoming Events

Sun Feb 25

Young Marrieds' Community Group

Small Group for Married Couples

Sun Feb 25

Core Training Winter 2017

Various classes offered at 9 AM to grow in our knowledge of God and pray for each other.

Sun Feb 25

Worship Service

Sunday morning, Worship Service, The Lord's Day

Sun Feb 25

Prayer Gathering

Prayer, seeking God, depending on His power to carry out His work.

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