Women's Fellowship

Fellowship is a key part of the christian life. J.A.N.E. is committed to bringing ladies together to encourage one another, teach one another, and celebrate the Lord's amazing work in our lives!

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Ladies! Join us Friday, March 16th in the CVC Fellowship Hall from 7:00-9:15 p.m. for a time of fellowship as we prepare our hearts and make a craft for our homes in preparation for Passion Week. Light refreshments will be served. Cost is $10 to cover the cost of craft materials. Sign up in the lobby. Any questions? Email info@claytonvalleychurch.com.

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2017-2018 "Transitions" Saturday Breakfast Series

#1 - 9/30/17 - “Transitions and How to Cling to Christ through all Phases and Stages of Life” Julie Jones

#2 - 2/3/18 "Transitioning Through Trials while Honoring God in our Hearts" Laura Francis (see the "event" page for resources from this talk)

Coming Soon..... #3 - 6/23/18 - Sarah C.: Join us for a talk on the physical transitions we go through as women, from young girls all the way through aged fragility.  We will have a full breakfast, fun fellowship, and a great speaker.  Cost is $8.  Sign ups will be in the lobby before and after church and online 6 weeks before the breakfast. 

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Jane Web Pictures Update 8 15

 Jane Web Pictures Update 8 15  


Some Previous Fellowship Events: 

 International Women's Tea  February 21, 2015 - 10am thru Noon

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Praise God! Over 85 women came together to celebrate our diverse world and THANK YOU again, Missionary Kelly Webb, for your wonderful message and reminder to trust the beauty and uniqueness of our individual testimonies, and know that we can (and must!) BELIEVE our awesome Lord!



What a sweet time at the JANE Who? Fall Kick Off September 2014 - Thank you, Janet,

for sharing your heart with us - eyes on the prize...Jesus! Hebrews 12:2


Summer Book Club 2014 brought several small groups of

gals together to read through, discuss, and be changed by 1

Thessalonians and Philippians.  What a sweet Lord we have!




Join us Sunday at